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Our Mission
To provide a Boot Camp program where getting and STAYING IN-SHAPE is fun! To offer an effective and enjoyable fitness program unlike anything before that will create exuberant, healthy, and confident women by maximizing a unique boot camp exercise program geared toward each individual. Our focus is to help women target their specific needs and accomplish what they thought was impossible. Through Code Pink Boot Camp Houston, we can help women create a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to her long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth- regardless of what stage she is in, while boosting her self-confidence.

Code Pink Boot Camp Houston was launched in 2010, when Paul Moran understood the need for a safe, exciting fitness program catering to women of all fitness levels. They needed to be encouraged and taught the fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise in a positive, motivating team atmosphere.

Paul took his experience and credentials as a certified boot camp instructor-group trainer, and began Code Pink Boot Camp Houston. He specializes not only in helping women slim down and tone up, but to achieve and maintain their fitness goals! Code Pink Fitness Boot Camp is a safe program that is truly fun and shows measurable results.
About Paul Moran
Paul was immersed in the world of fitness by his mother Donna, an accomplished athlete and Golden Glove boxer who taught him the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. His passion for pursuing a lifestyle in fitness was fueled by his first taste of martial arts at age 10, while he continued to excel in his other athletics- baseball, football, gymnastics, boxing and wrestling. It was that same passion, along with his desire to help people achieve their goals which inspired him to obtain his training certification and begin working with athletes, MMA fighters and many other people who were ready to improve their lifestyle. "I believe in empowering individuals by giving them the guidance, encouragement and the proper tools to develop long-term results and excellent health, the keys to longevity. There's no better feeling than hearing how my client's hard work has paid off, when they tell me how much their energy has increased, they're feeling in shape. You can really see their excitement and self-confidence."

In his free time, Paul practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu alongside his son, who is a National champion in San Shoo and judo. In his previous experience, Paul also toured world-wide as a stage performer and dance choreographer. With his enthusiastic, positive attitude and proven track record of results, Paul brings an adventurous approach to group exercise and boot camp.

This is the most safe, well-planned, fun, variety-filled fitness exercise program for women ever! I welcome and congratulate you for doing something amazing for yourself! Thanks for taking the time to read this and investigate Code Pink Boot Camp Houston. We look forward to helping YOU Achieve What You Thought Was Impossible! I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at
Support Staff
Code Pink Women's Fitness Boot Camp began in January of 2008 in Orange County, California when founder, Christina Lucy understood and met a need in her community. She found fitness programs being offered were too generic, chaotic, ill- focused and often unsafe. Many trainers were training people with little or no training themselves. As the economy began to turn, many personal trainers decided they could open a "boot camp" to continue their revenue stream and offer a less expensive alternative to their clients. The problem is, all personal trainers are not trained in teaching group exercise and specifically not "boot camp". Therefore, on nearly every corner ineffective, clumsy and unsafe fitness boot camps were popping up. Christina Lucy took her twenty-plus years experience as a group fitness trainer to work and began Code Pink Women's Fitness Boot Camp. Code Pink Fitness Boot Camp is a safe program that is truly fun and shows measurable results. Due to the success of the group camps in Orange County, Code Pink Fitness Boot Camp expanded into other areas of California including The Inland Empire. Outside of California, Code Pink Boot Camp can be found in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas of Arizona, Denver and the surrounding cities in Colorado, the Greater Houston, Texas area and the islands of Maui and Honolulu.