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What To Expect
Code Pink Boot Camp is intense! It is! Yes, we are women and we wear pink! However our mission is to be the BEST women we can be! That means taking this hour of boot camp and challenging yourself to accomplish what you thought was impossible! You are stronger than you think you are!  REGISTER NOW!

Each camp is one hour in duration. Mon- Fri for 4-weeks.

Choose from early or mid-morning and evening camp times.

Code Pink Boot Camp is fun!!

This 4-week program is filled with variety and is designed to put you in the best shape of your life!

All dedicated code pink boot campers achieve huge results!
  • That can be weighing-in 10 lbs. less on the scale!
  • That can be wearing jeans that are 2 sizes smaller than you began wearing 4-weeks prior!
  • That could mean reducing your waist by 3 inches!
  • That could mean reducing your body fat by 5-8%!
  • That could simply mean walking up a huge flight of stairs and feeling good

Code Pink Boot Camp's TOP CODES:

1. CODE SAFETY - All Code Pink Trainers are exceptional in their field! Your Safety is our #1 Priority! Each Code Pink Boot Camp is designed with safe and effective exercises, stressing proper form and technique. If needed, we will adjust your exercise due to any pre-existing injury. Therefore, you will successfully reach your fitness goal now! (We do NOT do compromising militaristic and dangerous exercises)

2. CODE FUN - Every Code Pink Boot Camp will be filled with variety!You will always be inspired as to what is coming next! You will enjoy obstacle courses, FUN CARDIO, strength-training, ab-labs, functional-training, flexibility (which may include yoga, sports-stretching & Pilates.) Oh, of course there is a lot of social entertainment!

3. CODE FOOD - Eating is fun! We love to eat! However, unknowingly, eating the wrong foods can sabotage our perfect fitness plan. So, we offer one-on-one nutritional consultation, with special emphasis on eating more healthy foods that nourish our bodies, rather than focusing on everything that you can not have.

4. CODE RESULTS - Your success is our success! We will do EVERYTHING in our power to deliver successful results to your body! However, we only have you for one hour! We need your commitment!

Code Pink Boot Camp is here to offer a supportive and motivational boot camp designed for women of all fitness levels! You will ALWAYS be encouraged, and you will NEVER be challenged beyond your ability! You will always feel extremely accomplished and never be left behind! There is no competition only camaraderie! Everyone has their own personal strengths; if you don't know what yours is, we will help you find it!

Code Pink Boot Campers come in all shapes, colors and sizes! Some are trying to lose their baby weight, others are trying to lose their college 15. . . 15 years later! Others are fit and just looking for something different from the gym scene. The average age of the Code Pink Boot Camper is 30's-40's. However, you will feel empowered being in the midst of mature teens to courageous women in their late 60's and everything in-between.

STEP ONE: REGISTER NOW FOR CODE PINK BOOT CAMP STEP TWO: You will be contacted to schedule your pre-boot camp evaluation. (This is simple and painless, we promise!) The pre-camp evaluation just lets us know where you are now, so you can see your HUGE improvement four weeks from now! It only takes about 20 minutes. Pre-camp evaluations are not mandatory, but recommended if you would like to track your progress
  • Any questions you have will be answered.
  • You will learn your medical specifics, accurate weight, measurements, and body fat composition.
  • You will learn all the specifics of camp and we will learn your specific goals.
STEP THREE: Attend your fun and exciting Code Pink Boot Camp every day!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes.
  • Bring 3 or 5 lb. dumbbell weights, an exercise mat and a water bottle (with water in it)
  • Have fun and achieve great results!
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